Raya Muttarak is currently Professor of Demography at the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy . She is also a principal investigator of the ERC consolidator grant project POPCLOMA "Population Dynamics under Global Climate Change" (grant agreement number: 101002973). She currently serves as a chair of the IUSSP scientific panel on “Population Dynamics under Global Conflict and Climate Change”. In 2021, she was the director of the Population and Just Societies Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). In 2018-2020, she was a chair of the Population-Environment Research Network of the IUSSP. She currently serves as a chief editor of Population and Development Review and an editorial board member of Population and Environment and Vienna Yearbook of Population ResearchHer main research areas include population and environment, particularly demographically differentiated vulnerability, looking at the differential impacts of natural hazards/climate change and the ability to respond and cope with consequences of extreme climate events. She has also worked on attitudes toward climate change, green voting and pro-environmental behaviours.